Tons of MUCK – Pictures, Posters and the MUCK Red Band Trailer


For anyone who missed the original trailer announcement (find it here), MUCK is an upcoming horror film with an obvious focus on thorough plot development, deeply emotional character creation, unforeseen plot twists, psychological mind games, and thought-provoking socioeconomic analysis. Yes, I’m full of shit. If you actually watched the trailer, you know I’m lying through my teeth. What MUCK does focus on is thrills, chills, and eye candy… and also general muckiness. Since we’ve been a little out of communication here for awhile, we’ve got a load of posters, character cards, and news for you, so just make sure to keep scrolling down the page so you don’t miss any of it. But first we’ve got info on how to watch the MUCK red band trailer.

MUCK Red Band Trailer

It’s out, but we don’t have it here. Instead, it’s only available for fans of MUCK on Facebook. So head over to the MUCK Facebook fan page, give it a like, and then watch the MUCK red band trailer!

From the press release:

WithAnO Productions has released a new RED BAND clip from Muck, which is a segment of the 12-minute preview that Steve Wolsh surprised fans with at Muck’s exclusive Q&A panel with Muck cast held by Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013. The new clip is only available for viewing by those who “Like” the Muck Facebook fan page.


Indie horror hasn’t always been ahead of the curve as far as technology is concerned, and for the most part the fans tend to prefer it that way as far as effects are concerned. However, with consistent developments in HD and now Ultra HD, massive home TV’s, and all that good stuff, it’s nice to have a sharp picture. The makers of MUCK are all over that aspect, and will release one of the first ever films shot in Ultra HD.

From the press release:

The world’s biggest television manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Sony, used last week’s CES 2014 as a launching pad to declare that they will lead us into the 4K / Ultra HD revolution in 2014, content or not. Those who attended CES 2014 in Las Vegas were amazed by the visual experience of the latest in HD. The biggest Hollywood studios and TV programmers, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Amazon, Netflix, and others, are already rushing to create content in 2014 for the breathtaking picture of new 4K / Ultra HD TVs. Ahead of the curve, however, is Steve Wolsh’s independent horror film, Muck; out in front, Muck will become one of the first titles anywhere to offer consumers the premium 4K / Ultra HD experience.

Oh, and just so you’re aware, they’ve already begun working on the MUCK prequel, MUCK OFFED. So that’s happening.

Now enjoy all the pictures and posters below, including the poster for Stan Lee’s Comikaze.

MUCK Character Poster Gallery

MUCK Comikaze Poster

MUCK Comikaze poster - MUCK red band trailer

Other MUCK Stuff