Brain of Blood (1972)

Brain of Blood posterBrain of Blood (1972)

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Brain of Blood is a take on the Blood Island films, but with no involvement from original director, Eddie Romero.  Instead, Al Adamson took the music and ideas from the Philippine Blood Island films and created his own knock-off.  Amir, ruler of Kalid, is dying.  In order to save his life, he is flown into the United States to Dr. Trenton, who is practices prolonging life through brain transplants.  The doctor transplants Amir’s brain into another body, but with some unanticipated consequences.

Though it attempts to follow in the footsteps of the Blood Island trilogy, Brain of Blood has very few similarities.  Among those few is the music, and a similar low budget exploitation feel.  The exotic feel and atmosphere, however, is non-existent.  Plot and story is more along the lines of a Frankenstein film.  Unfortunately, a Frankenstein film relies on good monster makeup, and this one has atrocious makeup effects.  That being said, on its own merit it is an entertainingly bad film, which happens to be what Al Adamson does best.

Brain of Blood

Overall, it is certainly a bad movie.  But it definitely falls into the ‘so bad it’s good’ category.  The gore is decent, with a few scenes of entrails left behind by ‘the monster’.  The makeup and acting is terrible (just take a close look at that clumsy costume effect on the picture to the left, that wrinkled bald cap is not intended to be a hat).  However, the cheese flows generously, and that is what saves the film.  So if you’ve seen the Blood Island trilogy, or if you just like really bad movies, why not give Brain of Blood a go.