Top 20 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix Instant


Here’s the deal: just because STRIPPERLAND is at one time or another popular on Netflix does not mean it’s a good movie, it just means it has ‘stripper’ in the title and legs on the poster. There’s nothing quite as good as sitting down in a moment’s notice and picking one hell of a zombie movie to watch on Netflix Instant. Then there’s nothing quite as terrible as enduring an awful one just because it landed on the top of the screen. So if you’re tired of sitting through a shitty zombie film just because it’s ‘Popular on Netflix’, then this list of the best zombie movies on Netflix is for you. Get comfy, watch, and enjoy.

Please note: This is only a list of the best zombie movies on Netflix instant as they are available at the time of this list. For the best zombie movies in general, check out this earlier article.

Best Zombie Movies on Netflix Instant

20. Creepshow 2 (1987)

There’s only one segment containing something that could be considered a zombie, and that’s why CREEPSHOW 2 is at the bottom of this list. The sequel to George Romero and Stephen King’s cult classic CREEPSHOW isn’t entirely up to par with the original, but it provides more of the same comic-inspired horror fun. It’s one of those highly entertaining cult horror movies that everyone should see at least once. But if it’s some more serious zombie films you’re after, just keep moving down this list.

creepshow 2 - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

19. Zombie Lake (1981)

Jean Rollin’s ZOMBIE LAKE tells the story of German soldiers from World War II that were killed and thrown into a lake that come back as zombies. It’s not Rollin’s best work by a long shot, and from what I understand the director himself isn’t very proud of it, but it is still one of those works that fans of the cult French director should see. It’s just as exploitative as any of his films, but a bit too slow at times and lacking any sensible plot. But those looking for one of those strange cult exploitation films, ZOMBIE LAKE is worth a watch.

zombie lake - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

18. Pet Sematary 2 (1992)

Surely not the best sequel to a highly popular horror movie, but PET SEMATARY 2 is at least worthy of a watch. For those unfamiliar with it, PET SEMATARY is Stephen King’s story of an Indian cemetery that just won’t let anything buried on it rest in peace. This sequel is directed by Mary Lambert, who also directed the original, but doesn’t derive its story from King. Instead we get a cheesier entry, but still with some great scenes, and one hell of a zombie dog.

pet sematary 2 - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

17. [REC] 3: Genesis (2012)

This third part of the Spanish [REC] series isn’t as strong as the first two, but is still a worthwhile zombie movie on Netflix (since the other two aren’t available to watch instantly). This one starts off at a wedding, when suddenly some of the guests get sick and turn. It’s more cheesy than the earlier entries, but there’s plenty of action, gore, and a chainsaw-wielding bride.

rec 3 genesis - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

16. American Zombie (2007)

This quirky mockumentary portrays the struggles of the living dead in America. AMERICAN ZOMBIE focuses the lens on a small group of zombies in Los Angeles, and follows them during their daily lives as the “living deceased”. One subject is even the founder of Z.A.G., the Zombie Advocacy Group. It is certainly the dryest of humor, and nowhere near a standard zombie movie, but definitely worth a watch.

american zombie - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

15. Mutants (2009)

MUTANTS is a French zombie film that focuses less on the action of a mass horde of zombies, and more on one woman’s efforts to prevent the infection from turning her husband. It’s more a psychological horror than a standard zombie apocalypse film. The isolated setting only adds to the desperation that develops in the couple to fight the very infection itself. Note: there are two zombie movies on Netflix instant titled MUTANTS. This is the French 2009 film, not the 2008 sci-fi film starring Michael Ironside.

mutants - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

14. Helldriver (2010)

If you are unaware of Sushi Typhoon, and unfamiliar with the strange gore films that they create, HELLDRIVER will be a strange experience to say the least. For those of us who enjoy this off-breed of horror, this is Sushi Typhoon’s atypical zombie movie. A young woman has to fight her way through hordes of zombies in an attempt to take down her own mother, the zombie queen. It’s not entirely up to par with more popular Japanese gore films, like TOKYO GORE POLICE, but is still a lot of fun. These movies definitely aren’t for everyone though, so take this suggestion at your own risk.

helldriver - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

13. Chillerama (2011)

There was a lot of hype around CHILLERAMA when it was in works. It is an anthology by modern cult horror directors Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, and Tim Sullivan in an attempt to recreate the classic drive-in feel. Lynch’s segment, “Zom-B-Movie” gives a goofy zombie story with plenty of fluorescent gore. As a whole the movie is over-the-top cheesy and contains plenty of immature humor, and it makes for some good gross fun.

chillerama - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

12. I Sell The Dead (2008)

Dominic Monaghan (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) stars as a grave robber who is telling the story of his various crimes, and the supernatural elements that tended to follow, upon his pending execution. I SELL THE DEAD is very creatively directed, quite funny, and has the spirit of SHAUN OF THE DEAD placed in a Victorian setting. It is Glenn McQuaid’s (V/H/S segment “Tuesday the 17th”) first full-length feature film as director.

i sell the dead - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

11. Doghouse (2009)

You know that plot-line for STRIPPERLAND, the “group of (mostly) guys fights off a bunch of female zombies” thing? A very similar plotline, and a very similar poster, came out two years earlier in 2009, and it was actually a good movie. DOGHOUSE sees a group of immature guys out to have a good time when they come across a town full of zombie women. Jake West (RAZOR BLADE SMILE, EVIL ALIENS) directs.

doghouse - best zombie movies on Netflix instant

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